Monday, August 4, 2014

Pumpkin Princess Party

For those of you that missed our daughter's 3rd birthday party last October, I thought I would update the blog & post it for you.  We've had quite a few things going on since then & are just now able to take a breath and get things rolling again.  Think about it...2 out of state moves, a new baby, etc all in a span of 10 months?!?!  I highly doubt anyone blames us for being absent lately.

However, I hate that I have not been able to keep up with this blog like I intended to.  It never seems to fail.  I comment on posting every day & something comes along to stop that.  Oh well...such is life & I have been blessed with the life that I have and all that is in it.  So who am I to complain about blogging!?

On to the party.  It was, of course, featured on Kara's Party Ideas.  Such a great site...take a look if you never have.  Lots of great parties and inspiration for you there.  Such an honor to see our party on her site as usual.

Look for this set to be available for purchase in our shop starting September 2014!  It was created for our very own Pumpkin Princess, Miss Ainsley Bryn, and has not been sold to anyone yet.  Be one of the firsts to use it this fall!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Lu-Owl Party!

I recently designed a collection for a co-worker & friend of my mom.  Her daughter "G" was about to celebrate her 1st birthday.  An adorable little Island Pavilion at a local recreation center was rented & both parents knew they wanted something to do with the beach & owls.  Brainstorming with my sister, I came up with a "Lu-Owl" theme and our adorable Aloha Owl collection was born!

Here is a sneak peak of this collection & the dessert & candy table that we were asked to design. Look for more party photos soon and of course for this collection to be listed in our etsy shop!


Monday, June 24, 2013

New Website!

The new Bee and Daisy wesbite is up and running!  Well, technically it is.  Please note that it is still a work in progress so excuse the "dust" for now.  The wesbite is basically a landing site to find all of our pages & info in one place.  We may add a way to purchase on our website in the future, but for now you can still shop with us on Etsy.

Keep a look out for new pages, read about our company history & news updates, and much more.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Bee and Daisy sneak peak...

Last month I hosted a combined birthday party for my husband, Kyle and daughter, Avery.  They turned 30 & 8 this year and with their birthday's just 9 days apart, I thought one big party would be a great idea (or at least somewhat easier on me & our party budget!).

Our theme was inspired by the Toy Story song "You've Got A Friend In Me".  Kyle and Avery have been so close since she was born.  He's a big kid himself, so it's been easy for him to be a Dad right from the start!  She's so much like both of us in so many ways, but I love that she has his ability to talk to anyone and be a friend in an instant.  I'm the introvert of the family & this is a quality that I admire in people.  

Enjoy this tiny sneak peak and look for more of our party photos to be featured soon!


Worst blogger ever...

Ok, so as you can see I am the world's worst blogger!  Not that this is intentional, but life always has a way of pulling me in a million directions and it seems like there's just never enough time to blog.  I promise to work on this so please be patient!  I am working setting up Bee and Daisy's new website this week, so our blog will no longer be at  Find our blog at from now on.

Our website will be at and will be a more formal site.  Our blog will feature our thoughts, new craft ideas, tips, and other sites that we love.  Look for my sister Ashley to join in on the blog soon and of course for our parties!

Did I mention that we are starting party planning & styling in the Chicago area?  Our website will also host our latest Bee and Daisy venture so look for our pricing and info there soon!  Our first party is already in the works so stay tuned!

We're always so happy to hear from our happy customers and remember, it truly is an honor for us to know that kids are celebrating their special days with our designs!

Until next time...


Monday, February 4, 2013

Coming soon!

I am happy to announce that my newest venture, Brianna Montgomery - Vintage Inspired Paperie, will be opening soon!  Bee and Daisy will remain open and house my already available children's designs.  Our new shop and website will host a new collection of Classic designs for Children, Showers, and Weddings.  Be sure to look for our "Grand Opening" soon.  Until then, please take a sneak peak at our new blog site while our website is under construction. 


Monday, January 14, 2013

FREE Printable Valentine's Day Cards...

It is just one month from Valentine's Day!  To help you get prepared for the sweet holiday, I am giving away 2 Valentines Cards! These cards come in your choice of our Bright Owl or Robot theme...or grab them both.  They are 3x4" (two per 4x6 image) and come 6 to a page.  Just print as many as you need to pass out in classroom exchanges, attach to treat bags, mail to friends and family, etc.  The possibilities are endless! 

Simply click on the following link to download the PDF pages and start creating!  If you happen to take photos of the Valentine Cards being used, send them to us.  We'd love to share them with our other customers for inspiration!
For personalized or photo Valentines, be sure to check out our collection that will be available soon!


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bee and Daisy will be taking applications for guest collaborators for 2013! Those chosen will receive FREE printables every few weeks (to be determined) in exchange for a review or feature on our products. This is perfect for those of you who are party planners, stylists, crafters, etc.  Just click on the following image to print our application.  Feel free to scan your completed application & send the image back, retype into a word document and send in, or just send your answers within an email to  Be sure that you write Bee and Daisy Application Submission within the subject line to avoid accidental deletion.  Thanks!!