Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Bee and Daisy sneak peak...

Last month I hosted a combined birthday party for my husband, Kyle and daughter, Avery.  They turned 30 & 8 this year and with their birthday's just 9 days apart, I thought one big party would be a great idea (or at least somewhat easier on me & our party budget!).

Our theme was inspired by the Toy Story song "You've Got A Friend In Me".  Kyle and Avery have been so close since she was born.  He's a big kid himself, so it's been easy for him to be a Dad right from the start!  She's so much like both of us in so many ways, but I love that she has his ability to talk to anyone and be a friend in an instant.  I'm the introvert of the family & this is a quality that I admire in people.  

Enjoy this tiny sneak peak and look for more of our party photos to be featured soon!


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