Thursday, May 16, 2013

Worst blogger ever...

Ok, so as you can see I am the world's worst blogger!  Not that this is intentional, but life always has a way of pulling me in a million directions and it seems like there's just never enough time to blog.  I promise to work on this so please be patient!  I am working setting up Bee and Daisy's new website this week, so our blog will no longer be at  Find our blog at from now on.

Our website will be at and will be a more formal site.  Our blog will feature our thoughts, new craft ideas, tips, and other sites that we love.  Look for my sister Ashley to join in on the blog soon and of course for our parties!

Did I mention that we are starting party planning & styling in the Chicago area?  Our website will also host our latest Bee and Daisy venture so look for our pricing and info there soon!  Our first party is already in the works so stay tuned!

We're always so happy to hear from our happy customers and remember, it truly is an honor for us to know that kids are celebrating their special days with our designs!

Until next time...


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